Russ arrived in Aberdeen in September 2004.  Although brought-up to be atheist, certain friends in that first year of residency in the Granite City helped him find out that a God did exist, and that he needed a saviour to forgive him his many, many shortcomings and, frankly, evil deeds.  And that this God sent His only son, Jesus, to die on the cross for his crap behaviour and rise again, thus defeating death and saving Russ from his doomed future.  And not just for Russ, for everyone who exists, who has existed, and who ever will exist.
This happened in March 2005, and since then Russ has never looked back with regret, and has attempted to follow God’s will in his life.  Of course, he’s failed time and time again, but that’s what believing in God and Jesus is all about: knowing you’re going to fail to reach God’s standards, but trying your damned hardest anyway.

He graduated with an honours degree in BioMedical Sciences (Physiology) in 2009, then went on to spend 4 months volunteering at a Christian camping centre in New Zealand in 2010.  He then did a Discipleship course, where he was placed at a church in Aberdeen, Scotland until August 2011.  Now he studies Youth & Community Work with Applied Theology in Glasgow; and works as a youthworker in Perth, Scotland.

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