Day 8 – Rakovnik to Prague

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

So it was the final day, and spirits were high as you’d expect. We were due to arrive in Prague at the festival site at 8pm to be cheered in by 5,000 delegates and to go on the Main Stage. I couldn’t wait!

At lunchtime we stopped at a really posh restaurant. Everything looked really expensive, but I was forgetting that we were in the Czech Republic – and outside of Prague! My fancy lunch was only £3!

After lunch we left for the final leg of our adventure through Europe. All was going well and everyone was excited to be finally arriving in Prague!

However, with 14 miles to go, a massive storm hit Prague. We were being blown by the winds, it was dark, and the roads were busy. We pulled into a layby to talk about what to do. We were considering quitting, but after 650 miles we wanted to finish our challenge more. We then received a text saying that the first night of the festival had been canceled due to the storm. Apparently some of the big tents had just disappeared from the site! Therefore, with no festival to arrive at, we decided to end the cycle there and then. It was nowhere-near how any of us wanted to end the adventure, but spirits were still high. We’d still cycled all the way from Dunkirk, and had still raised over £10,000, so we still consider the challenge to have been completed.

So we did it. We actually did it. Twelve cyclists rode 650 miles through 5 countries in 8 days. It was very difficult. Not physically as such, but mentally. It was difficult to stay patient when people got punctures and when we took a wrong turn. I’ll never do it again, but I’m glad I did it.


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