Day 6 – Würzburg to Münchberg

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Distance: 100 miles

I co-led the Thought for the Day today, commenting on the crazy coincidences that’s happened and how deliberate God’s been with the entire journey. For example, we stopped at a café for lunch, so we phoned the support minibus to meet us, and there they are already at the café! At another time, one of us crashed…right next to a garage that just so happened to have exactly the right tool we needed!

As for the cycling today, it began just as yesterday ended: exhausting. I could feel myself flagging in the morning, so when we went to a bike shop to replace broken equipment, I bought some energy bars and gels. I really noticed the difference over the flapjacks I’ve been eating. My mood very soon picked up, and I’m not as mentally exhausted today as I was last night.

The temperature was even hotter today. The highest I saw my cycle computer read was 48.6C. This makes today’s temperature the highest I’ve ever experienced – never mind cycled 100 miles in!


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