Day 5 – Aschaffenburg to Würzburg

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Distance: 100 miles

If you’ve ever seen the film “Run Fatboy Run”, then you’ll know about The Wall. Today, I hit the Wall head-on. Normally this week I could maintain a pace of 19mph for miles, but today it was a huge effort to even stick to 15mph. My thighs hurt, probably because I’m not giving them enough time to recover, and my mind is exhausted due to lack of sleep and constant translating. One major factor of today was that it was hot. In fact, the temperature gauge on my cycle computer says it reached 39.1C today, and I was out in it for 13 hours.

We’ve now done 468 miles, which means we now have 268 miles to do in 3 days. But there is a game changer approaching in that Würzburg marks the end of the flat roads. We’re now approaching the mountain range that separates Germany and the Czech Republic. The real challenge has yet to begin.


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